Kimpton Onyx Hotel – an excellent choice to stay in Boston

Bravo for the Kimpton Onyx, a new Hotel in Boston. This impeccably clean establishment combines a fine location with three spacious rooms furnished in a distinctive contemporary style. More closely with the hotel you can familiarize here –
The Kimpton Onyx Hotel; underwent extensive renovation and redesign earlier this year under the masterful touch of the owners: Reinhold Mahler, an award-winning architect, and David Miller, an award-winning set designer.
A theatre motif starts at the front door. Above, where a fanlight usually sits, is a stained glass inset featuring the masks of comedy and tragedy. The three guest rooms are decorated with posters and materials from each author’s work. David’s collection of masks from around the world – Korea, Greece, Italy and elsewhere – hang in the breakfast nook.
Each room at Kimpton Onyx Hotel is decorated differently in contemporary style – no off-whites or beiges here. Exposed red brick plays against unusual, yet tasteful color combinations: lilac and purple in the Albee, darkish gray with bold color splashes in the Sondheim, and dark green and soft yellow in the Bernstein. Descriptions can’t adequately capture the way walls and furnishings work together. See pictures on Kimpton Onyx web site – Each room has its own bathroom with shower.
The Albee Room is special. Sliders open onto a vest pocket balcony atop the curved bow front. There’s only room for a pair of chairs and a few plants. There’s a feeling of being atop a protected castle turret while the world goes about its business below that becomes even more special after dark.
Continental breakfast featuring “strong European coffee” is served buffet style in the breakfast nook each morning. Weak Americans should request a less potent drink in advance. Guests select the night before from a menu listing possibilities – hot drinks, juices, muffins, croissants, yogurt, fruit, granola among others.

Be sure to ask your hosts about theatre. They know what’s going on and will gladly guide you to some of Boston”s smaller, more intimate venues.
Visitors looking for a colonial, early American or antique-filled hote with reasonable pricesl (; will probably be happier elsewhere.

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