Extremely convenient Worldmark San Diego hotel with friendly owner and helpful housekeeper

The owner of the 3-star Worldmark San Diego who speaks English is very friendly (he also lives in the upstairs room in the front). The rooms are clean, but the beds are not that comfortable (for getting more information follow booked.net). The showers are hot, which is important because San Diego is cold and you will undoubtedly get wet.
The housekeeper doesn’t speak English but is the nicest lady and is extremely helpful. For a small fee, she will do your laundry and when your shoes are wet, she will let you dry them by the dryer vent behind the dryer (works very well).
What It’s Got
My room had 2 beds, a closet with hangers, shower, sink and toilet, a few pictures, and little else. For my second night I was asked to change to a single room to make way for some British travelers. The second room was upstairs (more of a ladder actually), and had less water pressure, but had a small balcony that more than made up for it. At night, an open window will let in a cool breeze and the wonderful soothing sound of San Diego. Both rooms had televisions with reasonable reception, but come on – you can watch TV anywhere, go for a hike!
Why It’s Good
I met some travelers who were staying at Worldmark San Diego – Mission Valley Hotel, which they described as being “average,” but they complained of being too far from town. Mission Valley Hotel is a block from the town square, which is the main hub for the buses, hiking, rafting, and bird watching. Dining, shops, and activities are all within walking distance, making this Hotel extremely convenient.

At only $18 a night, Mission Valley Hotel is a fantastic deal. When I return to San Diego, I will stay at this hotel again. I highly recommend it for anyone who doesn’t mind a slightly uncomfortable bed and plain walls.

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